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My name is Stéphane Combet, I live in Toulouse, France, and I am fond of RC (Remote Controlled) glider aerobatics.

RC glider aerobatics, what's that?

I consider RC gliding as an art, combining technology, knowledge of the natural environment, and choreography.

François Cahour

The RC glider is an outdoor activity, in which a glider is operated by means of a remote control. The pilot can steer right, left, up, down, etc. but without an engine, it must use find lift (ascending currents) to keep altitude and speed. Otherwise it goes down little by little.

Aerobatics involves performing geometric figures by the trajectory and position of the glider.

Depending on the complexity sought, it can be accessible to all remote-controlled gliders, or require specific aerodynamics and systems.
On these pages I share a few about my flying, and about my own gliders.

Have fun at slope!


My thanks go to François Cahour, with whom we regularly exchange to design, build, pilot, in this activity that we consider artistic without forgetting that it is a game! His website:
Many thanks also toSteve Lange, a great slopeaerobatic enthusiast, who gathers information and shares it generously on the web, on his website and the Facebook group VTPR and Slope Aerobatics.
Huge thanks to Franck Aguerre for the PredimRC tool that I use to size and adjust my models. Franck did a amazing job of reflection and compilation, which he puts at the service of the model aircraft community on this website: rcaerolab.

What's up?

Sep 2022

Pyrenees, France

Svolazzo non-stop...

Soft aerobatics, but only 45 seconds after launch the glider is performing flat spin... Read more...

Nov 2021, Avr 2022

Montvalent, France

Spins and airflow...

Here are the images of an attempted "scientific" experiment. I simultaneously filmed from the ground and with an on-board camera a classical spin, and a flat spin... Read more...

8th Mar. 2022

Toulouse, France

Which glider?

Second article about my 4m50 wingspan oldschool style AND Voltige Totale project. Read more...

10th Jan. 2022

Toulouse, France

A big project...

First article about my 4m50 wingspan oldschool style AND Voltige Totale project. Read more...

29th Sep. 2021

Toulouse, France

The Fluid...

a Voltige Totale glider coming from Australia. I hope to have mine soon! Here is its history, since 2012.

20th Sep. 2021

Pyrénées, France

Windy then cloudy day ... the ridge above Val d'Aube, near Peyragudes. The Troll flew well, then several surprises animated the day! Read more...

1st Sep. 2021

Pyrénées, France

Simple "Voltige Totale" routine

For academic pilots or those who believes in the virtues of a little bit of discipline ...;) My execution is far from perfect! Read more...

11th Jun. 2021

Toulouse, France

Renewal of the website

At same time I maidened the Ziou, a wing of 1m40 wingspan, I wanted to renew my website. Here it is!

7th Dec. 2020

Toulouse, France

Breaking news!

In collaboration with Matthieu Barrabès , we are embarking on the adventure of a fiber version of the Svolazzo! The objective is to push the performance of this model even more, by gaining gliding ratio, rigidity, and flyable mass range. We are at the very beginning, Matthieu has already worked a lot on the digital model of the glider. More about it on Svolazzo page.