Pushed half-loop, hammerhead, flip: work routine in "Voltige Totale"

For academic pilots or those who believes in the virtues of a little bit of discipline ...;) My execution is far from perfect!

Here is a sequence of 3 figures that allows you to work on your piloting. It requires little energy and can be performed from a moderate altitude: pushed half-loop, hammerhead, flip. More details:

To my taste, "succeeding" in this sequence is not just about doing the 3 figures in a row. We can improve a lot on their aesthetics and their placement in relation to the pilot:

Regarding the placement, we can try to have the hammerhead just in face of the pilot, while the half-loop and the flip would be roughly equidistant on either side of the pilot. In my video the half loop is a bit too far and the flip is a bit too close ...

The advantage of filming yourself while piloting is that you can realize afterwards the difference between what you thought you were doing and what you actually did ...:

However, I am not a supporter of geometric rigor in relation to the ground, rather to nuance it with the movement of the mass of air: especially if we cross an area where it drops, let it fall ... It conserves energy better at my taste.

There you have it, a little sharing of what I find beneficial to work on to improve the aesthetics of my trajectories! :)

What do you think?

Have fun at slope!