Wingspan 223 cm - 88 in
Length v1 : 141 cm - 56 in, v2 : 137 cm - 54 in
Wing area 42.86 dm² - 665 in²
Weight 1450 g - 35 oz
Wing loading 33.8 g/dm² - 7.44 oz/ft²
Airfoil SC17/SC17s (9%)

This glider is my top aerobatic glider . Please note that does not mean that it will be yours! I tried to combine the curves that flatter my eyes the most with all the "voltige totale" mechanisms that I discovered on the Troll , while being lighter to fly slowly and close-in on the slope . This last characteristic does not only have advantages, many pilots prefer to fly heavier than my personal taste. But thus lightly loaded it is good at searching for and finding lift .
The curves that I had drawn for the v1 surprised me during the first flight in 2019 : the appearance did not look exactly as I had wanted: the nose seemed too long to me and the forward swept of the wing not very marked. This is how the v2 was born at the end of 2020 .
As I can only build in wood, it is wood ! The same in fiber would deserve an airfoil refined to 8 or 8.5% and an elliptical section fuselage. We would get a glider with better air penetration. He could thus fly even lighter (maybe 1.2kg) which would make it an incomparable light-air flyer!


The Svolazzo was born after 3 or 4 consecutive years of practicing the Troll by François Cahour . The Troll is a "voltige totale" aerobatic flier of 2m of wingspan that combines the ability to fly in light airs, precision of accurate trajectories for academic aerobatics, and radical maneuverability allowing "voltige totale" figures such as flips and flatspins.
In 2018, we spoke with François about increasing the surface area of ​​the Troll's rudder. After modifying it on the Troll, I wanted a fuselage with more lateral surface in front of the center of gravity (this surface, when booting the rudder, receives the air at an angle and increase the yaw moment). So I designed a fuselage to my liking, inspired by the profile views of ASW20-type gliders. The basic idea was to offer a new fuselage to the Troll. But the curves inspiring me, I also drew a tail, then wings, taking proportions close to those of the Troll, even if the appearance has nothing to do with it due to the elliptical wings and tail feathers ... This is how the Svolazzo appeared, whose name was constructed by searching for the Italian translation of words like "aerobatics", "butterfly", "arabesques" ...