What about a fiber Svolazzo?

7th Dec. 2020

Toulouse, France

Breaking news!

In collaboration with Matthieu Barrabès , we are embarking on the adventure of a fiber version of the Svolazzo! The objective is to push the performance of this model even more, by gaining gliding ratio, rigidity, and flyable mass range. We are at the very beginning, Matthieu has already worked a lot on the digital model of the glider. I detail on this page the information available, it will be enriched as and when progress is made!

What is Svolazzo?

The Svolazzo is a Voltige Totale remote-controlled glider, measuring 2.25 meters (88.5 in) in wingspan, the first version of which is made of wood. Its development has been possible thanks to the experience shared by François Cahour, formidable enthusiast, inventor and actor of Voltige Totale that he describes as follows:

I consider RC glider aerobatics as an art, combining technology, knowledge of the natural environment and choreography.

Having learned a lot in this hobby thanks to François, and in particular by piloting for several years his glider called the Troll, I was able with his help to develop the Svolazzo, which made its maiden flight in summer 2019.

The wood version of the Svolazzo is currently marketed byCDDesign via its website.

Huge thanks to Franck Aguerre for the PredimRC tool that I use to size and adjust my models. Franck did a amazing job of reflection and compilation, which he puts at the service of the model aircraft community on this website: rcaerolab.

The wood version of the Svolazzo in videos

The 2 videos below give you an idea of the capacities of the wood version. In general, the idea is to be able to practive aerobatics in light lift, with varied figures and a lot of precision in the positioning of the model.

Where are we on the project?

November 2020, the start...

Digital model and general geometry

Thanks to the enthusiasm of Matthieu , the glider is already modeled in 3D. I wanted several changes compared to the wood version. The wing airfoil (SC17), slightly refined in relative thickness, for example, will reduce drag, thanks to the fiber construction that is less bulky and more precise than wood. The section of the fuselage, with rectangular wooden frames, becomes of course softer with semi-ellipses above and below a flat area, allowing the integration of a servo plate very close to the existing one and benefiting from the expertise developed by François Cahour on his family of voltigeurs.

Two modifications of the general geometry are also planned, if you are good observers you will perhaps guess themfrom the screen prints of the digital model. These 2 modifications will be tested in flight on a wooden specimen, currently on building, which will benefit from it. This wooden one should fly in a few weeks.

Mechanical analysis

In order to properly size the fuselage and the fiber fabrics used, I will perform finite element calculations of the critical areas. To have a basis of comparison, the wood Svolazzo (which is dimensioned only for experience and some calculations but only analytical), is also modeled. It is therefore an ongoing stage.

Molds and production

There, it is Matthew who masters! After drawing the glider, he draws the molds. And prepare the 3D printing of the master of the bubble and the fuselage when I have confirmed some critical sections by the calculation step.

When will it be ready?

We have no idea!
Obviously, we set ourselves a target: for 2021. But when in 2021 ... We would like to know it ourselves!

How much will it cost?

It is clear that the budget will be very different from that of the wood kit. The wood kit fulfills the objective of a Voltige Totale aerobatics glider at an affordable price. With a fiber version we enter another field, and much higher price ranges. You can get an idea of the price ranges by consulting the price of other all-fiber gliders of the same size, produced in France, and currently marketed ...

Enjoy building and flying!